General Video Interface HS Receiver PHY IP

  • Next generation HD interface with low EMI
  • Fully comply with VBO HS V1.3 and LVDS electrical specification
  • Low power consumption for multiple lane application
  • Compact size: 0.1mm2 per lane including PMU and IO PAD
  • Support Data rate: 0.6Gbps~4Gbps per lane
  • 9bit/10bit parallel interface
  • Implemented CTLE to compensate channel loss
  • Integrated on-die termination resistors
  • Tolerance frequency offset up ±15000ppm
  • Build-in self-test facility
  • AC coupling
  • Support up to x16 lanes
  • Support BGA, QFN/QFP package
  • ESD performance: HBM >6000V / IEC >6000V


  • TV / Display / Monitor
  • Automotive / Medical appliance
  • Multimedia / Amusement Devices
  • Cameras
  • Multifunction printers / projectors

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