MIE Fujitsu Visited Naneng Micro

MIE Fujitsu Visited Naneng Micro

22nd Apr, 2017, Mr. Toyama Koki, the director of MIE Fujitsu Semiconductor, as well as his fellow colleagues, visited Naneng Micro.

MIE Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited is a semiconductor foundry company with over thirty years of manufacturing experience.   MIE Fujitsu provide customer value add services including ultra-low power consumption, non-volatile memory that is researched and developed in our 300 mm wafer fab in MIE, Japan. Using 40 to 90 nm process technologies, MIE Fujitsu Semiconductor manufactures and mass-produces products with a high level of quality control.

During their visit, the guests from MIE Fujitsu has reviewed  IP portfolio and technology capability of Naneng micro, and discussed the potential opportunity of analog/interface IP development.


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