• Support USB HS and  FS working mode
  • Fully comply with USB2.0 and USB1.1 specification
  • Comply with UTMI interface specification
  • Embeded Clock and Data Recovery (CDR)
  • Crystal-free option available
  • Embedded Bit Stuffing and data encoding  function
  • Embedded Bit Un-Stuffing and decoding function
  • SYNC and EOP packet generation and detection
  • Programmable 8/16 bits  parallel bus width
  • Embedded termination resistors
  • Do not need any external component
  • Built in self-test facility
  • Supports USB suspend state and wakeup
  • Ultra low power consumption


  • TV / set-top box
  • Automotive / Medical appliance
  • Multimedia / Amusement Devices
  • Other consumer product

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