• 1.25Gbps to 11.2Gbps continues per-lane data rate range
  • 2 lanes, 4 lanes, 8 lanes to support
  • Tolerate max +/-6000ppm input frequency offset
  • Support 204B deterministic latency
  • Support internal/external SYNC_N and SYSREF input
  • 32bit/40bit selectable parallel data bus
  • Independent and global channel power down control
  • Programmable transmit amplitude
  • 3 taps/2 taps selectable feed forward equalizer
  • Adaptive CTLE + embedded DFE
  • Build in self-test with PRBS pattern generation and checker
  • Integrated on-die termination resistors:
  • Flexible reference clock frequency
  • Do not need any external component
  • Avaliable for both flip chip and wire-bonding


  • ASIC SOC with ADC/DAC application

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