• Support multiple-lane application
  • Fully comply with PIPE3 interface specification
  • Support 2.5 G, 5G serial data rate in PCIe application
  • Support 5.0G serial data  rate in USB application
  • Support 1.5 G, 3.0 G and 6.0G serial data  rate in SATA application
  • Parallel interface configurable to 40/32/20/16 bits respectively
  • Flexible reference clock input, with low frequency reference clock support
  • Fractional-N PLL with high resolution frequency program  capability
  • Phase lock loop out of lock indicator
  • Low power mode control according to PCIE/USB specification
  • Receiver detection function in PCIe/USB mode
  • Support LFPS transmitting and receiving in USB3.0 mode
  • OOB/Beacon transmitting and receiving  in SATA/PICE mode
  • Programmable Transmitter pre-emphasis and de-emphasis
  • Fully compatible to  PCIE2/USB3/SATA3 electrical specification


  • Storage
  • PC
  • Multi-media

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