NanegMicro received certification of Sichuan Hi-Tech Enterprise

NanegMicro received certification of Sichuan Hi-Tech Enterprise

According to “National high tech enterprise certification regulation” and “High tech enterprise certification guidebook”,  being reviewed by peer professionals and local administration, NanengMicro received the certification of Sichuan Hi-Tech Enterprise.

Founded in 2014, NanengMicro has been working continuously in self-development and innovative design based on company’s core technology and knowhow. With great effort, NanengMicro has achieved impressive progress in project management system and revenue growth.

To the company, it is a great honor to receive this certification. Also it is a recognition to the effort and contribution from Naneng’s design team during past many years.

Being another Hi-Tech enterprise of Sichuan province, NanengMicro will continue to make progress on innovative technology, innovative project management and innovative service model.


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